Response Management

Helium allows handling of specified responses to each form submission that ensures proper acknowledgment, demonstrate responsiveness, addresses concerns promptly, and build stronger relationships with the customers.
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Manage Responses with Helium

Helium offers a comprehensive set of tools and a user-friendly interface that empowers you to engage with your audience in a personalized and timely manner. With Helium's response panel, you have the ability to swiftly and effortlessly edit response data, include relevant notes, and conveniently schedule meetings and appointments.

One of the standout features of Helium is its capability to automate email responses. This automation goes beyond standard replies by incorporating personalized dynamic data. This means that you and your team can create customized email templates that dynamically populate with specific information tailored to each recipient. By leveraging this functionality, you can nurture and foster stronger, more meaningful connections with your customers.

Helium is designed to streamline your communication process, enabling you to efficiently interact with your audience. Whether you need to make quick edits, provide additional context through notes, or manage your schedule seamlessly, Helium's response panel is equipped with the necessary tools to support you in delivering exceptional customer experiences. By leveraging Helium's features, you can enhance your communication strategy and build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For troubleshooting purposes, you may need access to the server that hosts your website. In addition, you’ll need a Google Workspace and WordPress admin account.

All plugins require Helium. Compressed Helium adds a huge amount of features to Helium’s base capabilities. Solid State requires Compressed Helium to be installed, and adds AI and automation capabilities to Compressed.

Form responses and email recipients can be exported to a CSV file.

You can! Helium allows you to import CSV files containing form data, so if you have old leads you’d like to transfer onto a new form, or if you want to combine form data, Helium makes it easy.

If you only envision needing one user, no. However, even in a single-user situation, Helium works best with Liquid’s user management features. For instance, you might want to install Helium with a catch-all email like “support@[your-company].com” so that confirmation emails sent to your responders aren’t being sent from your personal Gmail account. But you might also want to have access to Helium’s lead management features and notifications with your personal email, so that’s two Helium users: your catch-all email account and your personal email account. Liquid Helium has multiple packages, ranging from one user to unlimited users, that will fit your needs.

We offer anytime assistance via email, phone, or chat.

Solid State Helium determines when an email has been opened. It also can track an email’s clicked links.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Helium is only available on WordPress. However, in the future it may be available on other platforms.