Helium’s notification feature ensures that the website owner or administrator receives timely alerts whenever a visitor submits a contact form.
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Helium Notification System

Set a Customized Notification

Helium notifications are a feature in the Helium platform that automatically sends emails when forms are submitted. By default, these notifications are sent to the site admin, allowing them to stay informed about form submissions in real-time. This immediate notification is beneficial as it enables prompt responses to website visitors and users.

However, the usefulness of notifications extends beyond simply alerting the site admin. Custom notification emails can be set up to be sent to the individuals who submit the forms. This feature allows you to notify form submitters that their submission has been successful. It provides a way to acknowledge their input and assure them that their message has been received.

Additionally, custom notification emails offer an opportunity to deliver personalized messages to form submitters. You can use this chance to communicate important information such as when they can expect a reply or what their next steps should be after submitting the form. For instance, you can include instructions for booking an appointment, directing them to a specific page on your website, or providing further guidance tailored to their needs.

Moreover, custom notifications can be utilized to notify relevant team members or departments about form submissions that pertain to their specific areas of responsibility. This feature allows for efficient internal communication and delegation of tasks. For example, if you have a sales department, you can create a form specifically for pre-sale inquiries and configure notification emails to be sent exclusively to the sales team. This ensures that the right people are informed promptly and can take appropriate action.

Overall, Helium's notification system facilitates effective communication, enables timely responses to form submissions, and provides a means to personalize interactions with users.
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Frequently Asked Questions

For troubleshooting purposes, you may need access to the server that hosts your website. In addition, you’ll need a Google Workspace and WordPress admin account.

All plugins require Helium. Solid State requires Compressed Helium.

Form responses and email recipients can be exported to a CSV file.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Liquid Helium has multiple packages that will fit your company’s needs. Ranging from one user to unlimited users.

We offer anytime assistance via email, phone, or chat.

Solid State Helium determines when an email has been opened. It also can track an email’s clicked links.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Helium is only available on WordPress. However, in the future it may be available on other platforms.