Helium Forms Builder VS WP Forms

Considering WpForms vs Helium?

Wpforms and Helium form builders are popular options available to create online contact forms. It is always confusing to choose the best form builder on your WordPress sites.
In this article, we’ll compare some key features of WpForms, and Helium, so you choose the best one for your website.
Feature Helium WPForms
Free version available Yes Yes
Pre-built Form Templates 600+
Form design (text and images) Supports a codeless Content field Supports a codeless Content field
Form import tool Yes – Ninja Forms, Pirate Forms, WPForms, Contact Form 7


Free Version Available - Yes
Pre-built Form Templates - 0
Form Design (Text and Images) - Supports a Codeless Content Feild
From import Tool - No

WP Forms

Free Version Available - Yes
Pre-built Form Templates - 600+
Form Design (Text and Images) - Supports a codeless content Feild
From import Tool - Yes Ninja Forms, Private Forms, WP Froms, Contact Form 7

WpForms’ Form Builder Setup

After installing and activating WPForms, you’ll see a page inside your WordPress dashboard. That includes a YouTube video and a quick summary of WPForms’ Addons and Features.
WPForms is a popular name in WordPress form building.
It operates similarly to other Form builders because it's simple and has a drag-and-drop interface. WPForms is easy to learn and navigate because of its clean layout and emphasis on the user experience.
WPForms is designed for beginners, while Helium has a lot to offer and is not just a normal form builder and requires a detailed installation.
WPForms offer 500+ form templates, which was made to make the process easier but a normal user may get confused with a lot of options.
Once you create the form you can simply embed in from the button above.
Now let’s see Helium’s form builder setup.
Helium Form Builder Setup
After installing and activating Helium, you’ll see a Helium plugin inside your WordPress dashboard. Once you click on it, it will take you to a step by step installation guide.
We recommend our clients to select “Walk me through the installation process”, it will help you configure your Google calendar and other google apps.
Creating a form with Helium is user-friendly and the first thing we do is give it a form name such as Signup Form.
In the next step, we will simply add the fields by giving it the labels for better user understanding. The “field type” can be selected from the drop-down
You can always add a custom HTML code before or after the field.
If you have signed-up for Compressed-Helium, you can add multiple domains for incoming responses on the created form.
Most of the form builders lack the feature of redirecting the user to a landing page after successful form submission. With Compressed-Helium users can add multiple redirects while complimentary users can add only one.
Spam messages are a big challenge that come along with form builders. With Helium you can mitigate that risk in an efficient manner by adding google reCAPTCHA on one click.
Lastly, you can simply copy the short code and place it anywhere on the website in code module.
Bonus Features
Capturing leads is just not enough - Helium offers you an effective email campaign for each of the forms. You can set up rules to automate the emails. In addition to this, you can use Helium to create custom email campaigns for marketing and sales purposes. For instance, you want to notify only users that have filled “Product Interest form” about the ongoing discounts and promotions. Setting up rules is pretty easy with Helium.

Frequently Asked Questions

For troubleshooting purposes, you may need access to the server that hosts your website. In addition, you’ll need a Google Workspace and WordPress admin account.

All plugins require Helium. Solid State requires Compressed Helium.

Form responses and email recipients can be exported to a CSV file.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Liquid Helium has multiple packages that will fit your company’s needs. Ranging from one user to unlimited users.

We offer anytime assistance via email, phone, or chat.

Solid State Helium determines when an email has been opened. It also can track an email’s clicked links.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Helium is only available on WordPress. However, in the future it may be available on other platforms.