How to Update Oxygen?

This article provides three different ways in which Oxygen can be upgraded to the latest version. Helium plugins are always tested with the latest version of Oxygen.

1. First Method:

To update oxygen builder, check whether you have entered a valid license key at Oxygen > Settings > License. If you see the key is present but the update is not showing up, click the Submit button on the Oxygen License page. Then go to Dashboard > Updates and see if the update option appears there.

Do you offer Discounts?

Helium discounts on license costs are available at specific times in a year. Most commonly on Black Friday. These events are advertised to our email subscribers several days in advance as well as during the sale.

No fake discounts. Ever.

Some businesses provide promotional codes all year long. However, customers are aware of this and frequently anticipate a discount as a “reward” for doing business with them. This is a phony game, though, as businesses who engage in it frequently increase the base price in order to present fake discounts.

An annual license for less than the price of one hour

A license that is valid for a whole year costs less than what a qualified WordPress developer charges per hour, thus we believe Helium Discounts are far more than reasonable. All of Helium products are the result of many thousands of hours of research, development, and support. And we regularly update, fix issues, and enhance performance of our products to work with the most recent releases of WordPress.

Not cheap, but valuable

Helium is a high-end WordPress development business. We don’t want to make quick cash; instead, we want to give you the best service and plugins possible. We’re doing an excellent job thus far, based on the feedback we often get.

A Helium license may be expected to be an exceptional product but not a low-cost one.

We want to be fair

Consider enrolling at the standard rate only to learn later that other individuals pay less for the same service. Right, it seems unfair.

To us, each client is equally precious. And the foundation for this is a fair and open price structure.

What’s in for you?

We aim to keep things straightforward, so you just need one license to use it on an infinite number of sites, including customer websites. In addition, you are free to keep using our goods even after your license has expired. There are no upsells, hidden costs, or forced memberships.

The conclusion

A Black Friday announcement will be made when you sign up for our newsletter. You will save 30% off of our standard prices by availing Helium discounts. Grab your license right away if you want to get it today and start creating amazing websites.

How to update Divi Theme?

Helium plugins are always tested with the latest version of WordPress and the Divi Theme. We recommend keeping your version of Divi, Extra, or the Divi Builder plugin at the latest version for best compatibility.

    Automatic Update
  1. Log into your wp-admin panel. Open the page Divi > Theme Options.
  2. Click on the Updates tab and make sure that you entered your elegant themes Username and API Key. If you need help with this, please refer to the official instructions on
  3. Now visit the page Dashboard, Updates to check for automatic updates.
  4. Click the button Check Again. Wait until the page reloads.
  5. When there’s a new version of the Divi Theme, install it.

Manually check the version You can also double-check the latest Divi release by visiting Elegant Themes website and update divi theme manually.

Can I upgrade to another plan?

Yes, You can easily go for a Helium license upgrade whenever you choose. .

Are your plugins GPL compatible

Yes, we are GPL compatible, our premium plugins come with an official GPLv2+ license! Helium GPL compatibility allows you to set up our plugins on as many websites as you like without any limitations. It can be your own sites, as well as projects for clients. You still require a legitimate license key in order to get plugin updates and premium support.

How to update WordPress?

When using plugins from, we always suggest using the latest version of WordPress, Page Builders, and the divimode-plugins.

Also, we recommend that you take a backup of your website before installing any update.

Frequently Asked Questions

For troubleshooting purposes, you may need access to the server that hosts your website. In addition, you’ll need a Google Workspace and WordPress admin account.

All plugins require Helium. Solid State requires Compressed Helium.

Form responses and email recipients can be exported to a CSV file.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Liquid Helium has multiple packages that will fit your company’s needs. Ranging from one user to unlimited users.

We offer anytime assistance via email, phone, or chat.

Solid State Helium determines when an email has been opened. It also can track an email’s clicked links.

Unfortunately, Helium does not have this functionality. However, we are always working on making Helium even better.

Helium is only available on WordPress. However, in the future it may be available on other platforms.